If you can't register...

What to do if you can't register

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If you can't register...

Post by david » Sat Nov 25, 2006 6:02 am

We are sorry if you can't register. It will be because we are (once again) trying to find ways to defeat the spammers who try to fill this group with fake names and potentially dangerous links.

Please write to "general" (no quotes) at brainstormsw dot com with your nickname and email address and either Marck or I will sort you out.

We believe we have the problem licked but if you're having trouble, then we apologise for the inconvenience.

Update 7 Jan 2007: we tried to be a bit more relaxed about the sign-up system, but it was abused and we have a pile of questionable users to remove now. So it's back to having us approve you before you can post.


Update 21 February 2007: One poor person got deleted in error. This has made us rethink (again) our approach. Since the spammers are either interested in grabbing your attention or getting indexed by Google, any that do not activate their accounts will not appear in the member list.

Let's see if that works better.
David Tebbutt


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