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BrainStorm, OPML Editor, OPML, Grazr

Post by david » Fri Mar 31, 2006 11:53 pm


To convert a BrainStorm model to OPML (Outline Processor Markup Language - a way of sharing outline information between programs):

Download the free OPML Editor:
Write a tabbed outline to a file in BrainStorm
Open it in the OPML Editor

Now for the hairy bit...
Right click on the filename in the top window border
Click on Window types
Keep expanding until flOutlineDocument comes into view
Change its value to true
Ctrl+s to save
Close (with the X top right)
Save the model

Dan M illustrates the OPML Editor bit in his blog: ... rUserToday

To convert an existing OPML file to a tabbed outline, do the same as above except set the value of flOutlineDocument to false. (There may be several occurrences - I set them all to false.)

In BrainStorm, just Open the tabbed outline file (it has a .opml suffix by default, so you'll need to select *.* from the 'Files of type' drop-down menu). Or, of course, you can use Merge if you want to merge the file into an existing BrainStorm model.

If the OPML has hotlinks to web pages (RSS feeds) and you want their content, be sure to activate them inside the OPML Editor before you save the results.

Finally, if you want a snappy way of browsing an OPML outline, then take a look at Grazr:
I have put an example (the same one) on Teblog and thinkerlog: ... inker.html
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Post by david » Fri Jul 07, 2006 11:37 pm

Grazr is much better now. Both the program and the server(s). If you had problems with connectivity, hopefully they're a thing of the past.

OPML Editor now has a much easier way of adding new user controls, I added 'Tabs' and an 'OPML' menu items very easily.

'thinkerlog' blog has the details. tells you about Grazr and gives an example. is the new, officially approved, way to add a user menu and the two controls mentioned above.

Here's a reprint:

The free OPML Editor now has a native way to add a ‘user menu’. This means you can add whatever new commands you like using the scripting language (don’t ask me for details - head off to OPML-land for this.)

As before, I wanted to add menu items which changed the output format of the currently open outline. I either wanted it in tabbed text format for compatibility with outliners, mind-mappers and BrainStorm. Or I wanted the output to be in OPML.

The OPML Editor will already open either tabbed outlines or OPML files.

So my new custom menu is called DT (generated by OPML Editor, I might add). It contains two items:


(I had no option on the DT, it used my initials regardless. It can probably be tweaked but I wouldn’t dare.)

To arrive at this, having installed OPML Editor, downloaded the latest updates, closed and reopened OPML Editor, then opened a file, I pressed Ctrl-J and typed user.prefs in the resulting window and clicked OK.

I then set the values of flBookmarkMenu and flCustomMenu to true and closed the window.

When I brought the open model to the front, the DT menu appeared.

One of the options in it is Edit menu. I clicked on that and substituted the two sample entries with my own Tabs and OPML entries.

I double clicked each in turn and inserted the appropriate code:

window.attributes.setOne(”flOutlineDocument”, false, address(window.frontmost()))

window.attributes.setOne(”flOutlineDocument”, true, address(window.frontmost()))

That’s Tabs and OPML respectively.

Clearly, an OPML output option for all outline-aware programs is desirable but, hey, these things take time. I hope you find this a useful workaround.
David Tebbutt

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Re: BrainStorm, OPML Editor, OPML, Grazr

Post by suny » Sat Nov 17, 2012 3:43 am

Nice post. I like it. Thanks for sharing these information. Keep it up. :roll: :mrgreen:

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