Export from BrainStorm to a Word bulleted outline

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Export from BrainStorm to a Word bulleted outline

Post by david » Wed Nov 02, 2005 1:37 am

Update: It seems that the supplied macro will only work if it is also installed in the Normal.dot file. While we figure out how this happened, here is information about one which is free-standing. It is also just the macro and not the style sheet as well:



If you have already installed the bsw.dot macro then simply select your text and apply your bullets. (Exporting to a Word Outline was described here: http://www.brainstormsw.com/phpBB2/view ... hp?p=55#55)

If not, read on...

1) Copy bsw.dot from the BrainStorm program folder to your / Application Data/ Microsoft/ Templates folder.

2) lower your macro security level, install the supplied macro bsw.dot You may want to assign a keystroke combination.

3) Restore your macro security level to its previous setting.

4) In BrainStorm write your model or the selected entries to the
clipboard with 'Use tabs instead' set.

5) In Word select New from the File menu and choose bsw.dot from the 'New from
template option'

6) Paste the contents of the clipboard into your document

7) Run the macro. This makes the outline look okay.

8) Select all

9) Apply your bullets
David Tebbutt

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