Copy path and Outlook link to clipboard

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Copy path and Outlook link to clipboard

Post by david » Wed Jun 28, 2006 12:26 am

This is from the thinkerlog blog (

BrainStorm’s Magic Launch feature will open any file, email or URL. Getting hold of email addresses and URLs is easy but getting a full filename and path is tedious without help. Since BrainStorm’s Magic Paste grabs the contents of the clipboard, here are a few easy ways of getting those file addresses into the clipboard:

Jack introduced us to a Microsoft PowerToySendToX in an earlier blog posting. More information about it is in PC Magazine

In the forum, Alexander introduced us to a way of opening a specific record in Outlook using Outlook Linker

Then there’s Copy path to Clipboard which can be found on many sites, this is just one of them. The author’s download page requires registration, but it does contain quite a deep explanation of the project.

Prasad and Wesley have been using the 30k ClipPath. This also contains Outlook links. The author’s page is hereThe author’s website is here.

Finally, Arnold, has gone for Ninotech Path Copy
David Tebbutt

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