Embedding a BrainStorm model viewer in a web page

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Embedding a BrainStorm model viewer in a web page

Post by david » Tue Nov 01, 2005 10:51 am

As you probably know, you can web-publish a BrainStorm model straight from the toolbar. This can be done as a '3-D' model with buttons and hyperlinks or as an outline.

But what if you have a BrainStorm model which keeps changing and you don't want to keep republishing?

Well we have a kind of 'skunk works' model viewer which will display a native BrainStorm (.brn) file if you put the viewer Java classes on your webserver with your BrainStorm model and patch a bit of code into your HTML.

Here's a (kind of) thumbnail:


You can pick up the zip file of the instructions and Java classes here:


At the moment we're suggesting that if you derive commercial value from this, please think about what it's worth to you and drop us a line. You may as well use the genii at brainstormsw dot com address.

If you're just playing or are an educational, charity or other deserving cause, don't worry about the payment bit.
David Tebbutt

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