How does BrainStorm backup files?

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How does BrainStorm backup files?

Post by david » Fri Dec 09, 2005 4:46 am

A customer was having a bit of trouble finding a recent BrainStorm file. I had to explain about how BrainStorm does backups. I think it bears repeating here:

BrainStorm saves a .$$$ file in the current user's temp folder until it has been given a real name. This means that any work you did up to the last Auto-save is preserved, even if you haven't named the file yet.

Auto-save is important. It's in Options/Preferences. I always have mine set to one minute. It's amazing how much work you can lose when going at full speed in BrainStorm.

Once you have named a file then it is Auto-saved according to your settings.

If you ever Close then Open a file (eg by quitting BrainStorm and opening it another time), as soon as you start to modify it, a backup is created automatically. This has the same filename but a .bak suffix and is in the same folder as the file itself.

It's generally not a good idea to delete .bak files until you're sure you don't need them.
David Tebbutt

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