How do you combine entries?

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How do you combine entries?

Post by billcauley » Mon Feb 27, 2006 9:03 pm

I wish to copy entries from a program called DeskNotes to Brainstorm. Each DeskNotes item (straight text with probably a hidden CR/LF after each line) can be copied from its source to Brainstom, but then each line appears as a separate Brainstorm entry. I want to combine them into one entry per item. How do I do it?

I would actually like to have every DeskNotes entry duplicated in Brainstorm. DeskNotes is a hot-keyed post-it note application.

I've read all the notes in the forum; perhaps I missed this one.

Bill Cauley

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Post by david » Tue Feb 28, 2006 12:46 am

Hello Bill

In the Magic paste or Smart paste options, you can 'Unwrap paragraphs into single entries'. There's another option that allows normal paste to use Smart paste settings. So whether you use normal, Smart or Magic, you can control how CR/LF is handled.

These settings pop up automatically for Magic paste, as soon as you switch it on. For the others, you need to go into Options/Preferences/Editing options.

Once this is set, then BrainStorm uses logic to determine whether a paragraph break is genuine or not. For example, a line which ends with a lower case letter and is followed by a line which starts with a lower case letter is treated as part of the same entry in BrainStorm.

There are other rules, of course and, sometimes, a new entry will be started when it shouldn't be. In this case, go to the end of the first offending entry and press 'Delete'. This will join the next entry on and go to the end of the new, united, entry in case you want to join the next one on. This is a very fast way of concatenating entries.
David Tebbutt

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