when is the new version coming out and what is in it?

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when is the new version coming out and what is in it?

Post by Jim » Thu Jun 07, 2007 10:26 pm

Waiting anxiously for the new version and I was wondering what you have that is new?

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Post by david » Wed Jun 13, 2007 12:02 am

We're waiting pretty anxiously too. Marck has been wrestling with a bug - both in the program and on his chest - on and off for a few weeks now. He thinks he's fixed both, but we have to do more tests to be sure.

Hopefully that will be it. In summary, the new version will contain:

A mouse help menu has been added because mouse use isn't intuitive.

The 'landing zone' for drag and drop is larger

Always double click icons to promote/demote

Project load/save mechanism. This means you can save screen layouts
and open model mixes and return to them the way they were when you
last worked on the project.

New Marks. The original as documented still works, apart from its
icon. (Internally we regard it as Mark 0 now).

Marks 1-5 allow you to maintain multiple focal points in a model. You
can, in effect, create 'bins' for throwing stuff to. A project heading
maybe with a mark as the first descendant - all throws and copies to
that bin go above the mark and it moves down a line.

Search and replace stores search history.

Accepts input from speech recognition program - Dragon Naturally
Speaking. This is a switch in Options/Preferences/Edit (Automatic
creation of new entry on Enter). Some might want that anyway.

Remembers window splits between sessions

Simple OPML (XML) text outline output option. (Doesn't do all the RSS
and HTML stuff.)

Opening a text file: its filename is used as dummy BrainStorm Title

Split Window is now Break Window - means we can use Ctrl+K key to
split the current window and and Alt+K to promote the current entry
but split the window and display it as the heading of the new window.
David Tebbutt

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