Quicker Navigation between sections and combining together m

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Quicker Navigation between sections and combining together m

Post by SteveRudd » Sun Jan 15, 2012 12:30 pm

Hi two questions from a relative newbie so have mercy

(I used to use an old version of Brainstorm years ago but that, and the machine it was on, are long gone. Have now come back to using it for business planning)

Question 1 - is it possible to navigate between levels more quickly. Say I have a plan which has six major sections, then within each of those six sections there are sub sections and some of the sub sections themselves have subsections. So I go to the main list, right click on say item # 2, select promote, and that takes me to the sub section of items associated with that section. Then if I want to look at one of them, again I go down the list, select the one I want, right click on it and choose promote again, and that takes me to the list of things associated with that sub section. Then I alter the thing I want to edit, and to get back I have to choose title which takes me right back to the top level list again. If I then want to alter something on a different leg, I then select that and right click promote, then go down that leg and so on... it would be much simpler if I could just double click on the item from a list and then go straight to the sub section for that list, and maybe use the back button to go back.

Question 2 - for a bonus point, is it possible to combine two or more Brainstorm plans into a larger plan. Say for instance, I had three plans, one called House, one called Business and one called Production Schedule. If I decide that Production Schedule should really be part of "Business" is it possible to create a new heading in the plan called Business and somehow paste all of the things that were in the plan called Production Schedule straight into "Business". And similarly, if I decided that actually, I only needed one plan, could I create a new plan called "Plan" with two major sub heads, Business and House, and then transfer somehow the existing "Business" plan to sit under the business heading in the new plan, and similarly everything from the "house" plan to sit under that heading in the new plan


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