Brainstorm with Linux Ubuntu 10.04 / Wine 1.2-rc2

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Brainstorm with Linux Ubuntu 10.04 / Wine 1.2-rc2

Post by billcauley » Sat May 29, 2010 6:31 pm

So far so mostly good! I haven't been able to get the help file to display after pressing F1, and the computer froze completely while I was working with items in the menus (must not have been able to find something).

But all my information from the Windows computer transferred without a problem, so that's the main thing! I have not been able to enter a blank line (shift-enter) after a paragraph, but that's minor.

The next trick will be to move my main .brn to a network place. And to re-learn keystrokes after having been away from the program while working with Linux.

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