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Internet research organizer software


BrainStorm is the ideal tool for any kind of Internet research, whether you're gathering material for an article or collecting information for an academic paper. This Internet research organizer software will not only make it easier to organize all your material in a logical structure, but will also enable you to share your work with colleagues or fellow students.

BrainStorm makes it easy to capture information from Web pages. The Magic Paste feature is particularly useful for Internet research, as it automatically pastes text clips into BrainStorm. All you have to do is select and copy, and since there is no need to go back and forth between different applications you won't risk losing your concentration. Using this Internet research organizer software means that you can browse through dozens of sites without looking back - just select anything of interest and rely on BrainStorm to keep working in the background.

As you gather more and more information, you will discover how easy it is to keep track of where you're at when you use this research organizer software. At any time, you can shift your attention away from gathering and start structuring and organizing your material in the BrainStorm model. You can quickly create a highly organized hierarchical structure, in which related items are automatically cross-linked.

Seeing all your research laid out in front of you in this clearly structured and easily navigated form may inspire you to return to the Web to explore omissions and areas of weakness. When the research is done, the powerful Search, Aerial view and Jump functions ensure that you will never mislay vital pieces of information.

The BrainStorm Namesakes are another useful feature of this internet research organizer software. Namesakes are identical entries which share the same set of descendants, and are automatically linked as soon as they are entered. This means that all the information you have stored on a particular subject is instantly accessible. It is also makes it very easy to navigate between different occurrences of the same information.

Finally, this Internet research organizer software makes it easy to share your work with colleagues and friends. You can publish your BrainStorm model as HTML, and all the hierarchical and contextual links will continue to work when it is viewed in a browser.

BrainStorm users all over the world have given us positive feedback regarding our Internet research organizer software. To read their comments, please click here.