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Organizing ideas with BrainStorm can increase creativity and productivity


How many times have you had a really good idea that never came to anything because you forgot about it or lacked the time to develop it? Even if you're one of those lucky people who are always full of ideas, organizing them in a way that lets you take full advantage of them can be a very different thing. For most of us, organizing ideas involves little more than scribbling things down on a post-it note and sticking it on the fridge. Even if your professional life revolves around the creation of new ideas and thoughts, it can be difficult to organize them in a way that actually enhances productivity rather than drowning it in a cluttered mess of print-outs and notes.

With BrainStorm, organizing ideas is not just easy - it's actually enjoyable. This software helps you keep track of your thoughts in a coherent and logical way, and can also enhance your creativity and help you develop your ideas in directions you might not otherwise have thought of. By seeing your ideas take shape on the screen in an organized, hierarchical structure, you will get a much more concrete feeling for where you stand at any time. BrainStorm also lets you publish these three-dimensional models as HTML pages, which means that you'll be able to share your organized ideas and thoughts with friends or colleagues in a way that is clear and easy to understand.

Whether you plan on using BrainStorm to organize your life or a professional project, you will soon find that there are a surprising number of areas where this software can be invaluable. We've had a lot of positive feedback from people in professions that range from academics and archivists to management consultants and civil engineers. They have discovered that BrainStorm is an excellent tool for organizing ideas, planning articles and other written projects, listing information for meetings, analyzing problems, and much, much more. However, this software can be just as useful for organizing everyday life - for planning a vacation or a special event, or perhaps for building a family tree. When you're organizing ideas with BrainStorm, the only limit is your own imagination.

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