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Using BrainStorm as writing software


Many of the BrainStorm users who have sent us positive feedback are professional writers - academics, journalists and freelance writers who have discovered the benefits of using BrainStorm as writing software. Whether you're writing research papers and articles or are busy planning a book, BrainStorm can help you pull your ideas together and organize them in a coherent way. This writing software includes several useful tools which can increase your creativity and help you work more efficiently.

  • BrainStorm includes several Paste tools which make it easy to capture information from other sources, something that can be very useful when you're writing an article, researching a paper or planning a book. The Magic Paste is a unique feature of our writing software. It runs in the background, and automatically pastes into the current BrainStorm model everything that you copy, regardless of the source. This can save you a lot of time, as there is no need to go back and forth between different windows to paste the desired material into your document.
  • BrainStorm helps you collect all your material and create an outline of what you want the finalized project to look like. If you prefer, this writing software can also gather your material into a catalogue or a list. Either way, BrainStorm ensures that you won't lose track of any vital parts of your writing project.
  • The BrainStorm Namesakes are another useful feature of this writing software. Namesakes are identical entries which share the same set of descendants, and are automatically linked as soon as they are entered. This means that all the information you have stored on a particular subject is instantly accessible. It is also very easy to navigate between different occurrences of the same information.
  • Another benefit of using BrainStorm as writing software is that it makes it easier to spot gaps, omissions and mistakes. When you see everything laid out in front of you as a three-dimensional model, you will soon notice if more work or research is needed in one particular area. If you're writing a book you can use BrainStorm to plan the structure of your chapters, which diminishes the risk of repeating yourself or trying to include too much. As one user said, "It helps crystallize my thoughts while writing or studying."
  • A BrainStorm feature that is particularly appreciated by journalists and academics is that sharing ideas with colleagues becomes so easy. The BrainStorm models can be published as HTML models with all their original structure and cross-links, allowing others to follow your thoughts and ideas exactly as you intended.

Here's what one of the BrainStorm users said about using it as writing software:

"I am a freelance writer. I specialize in writing articles and white papers for companies selling computer software and hardware to Fortune 1000 customers.

I find BrainStorm to be an invaluable tool, and I use it constantly throughout the writing process. During the research phase of a project I cut-and-paste information from web pages, PDF documents, word processor files, and email into a BrainStorm database. This gives me a single source for all of the data I need when drafting an article. I then sift through this pool of data to draft an outline - the ability to have two views of the same BrainStorm document open at the same time makes this task a breeze.

When I begin to write I continually refer back to BrainStorm for quotes and clarification. It serves as my authoritative source of input for a paper or article. I recommend BrainStorm whole-heartedly to any creative professional needing help organizing their thoughts."

- Nigel Hall, Freelance Writer


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